At work, and at home, technology is EVERYWHERE. My job is to provide professional, friendly, no-nonsense personal assistance for when the proverbial hits the fan in your digital life (and even when it doesn't). 

Whether you're having trouble with an existing bit of kit, or you're in the market for a new gadget / system upgrade and need some assistance/advice, I'd be happy to help.


WHO AM I, and WTF is a tech 'COncierge'?

My name is Paul Sadler. I have over 12 years of hands-on professional experience in the world of IT, and a shedload more time keeping myself up to date with the latest gadgets and advances in technology. Although it feels pretty arrogant calling myself a tech expert, it's an accurate description; with the experience that I have, chances are that I already know how to fix whatever you need fixing, or have researched whatever you need researching...but if not, I'm confident I can figure out the best way to help you out. And fast.

I'm not part of some big corporate support company, which is why you won't catch me referring to myself as "we" or banging on about "implementing managed solutions". Nope, not here. I'm proud to be a one-man show, providing a personal service tailored to your needs, hopefully making your life a bit more stress-free and saving you a whole bunch of time in the process...a bit like the concierge at a fancy hotel. Hence the name.

Services INCLUDE:

- Tech support for all your hardware and software needs
- Gadget research, selection & purchasing
- Computers, printers, and small networks
- Home office design and setup
- Software installation and training
- Automated computer backup
- Additional monitors
- WiFi network upgrades to reach all the corners of your home
- Media streaming
- Audio/video & Hi-Fi systems
- Website and blog – design, setup & training